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About ME

Garrett Flynn is a second-year computational neuroscience major (B.S) at the University of Southern California. 

Since 2017, he has conducted research at Hires Lab to investigate the neural circuit mechanisms of tactile sensation. 

In 2019, Garrett also began working at USC’s Center for Neural Engineering to improve their Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) and Memory Decoding (MD) nonlinear dynamic models. This is then used in a hippocampal prosthesis for the functional restoration of memory in those suffering from dementia, TBI, and other neurological impairments. 

Additionally, he is pursuing an Honors in Multimedia Scholarship to develop new ways of expressing complex ideas and issues in modern neuroscience.


forthcoming publications

Enhancing Biomimetic Model Estimation with Parallel Computing

Xiwei She, Brian Robinson, Garrett Flynn, Dong Song, Theodore W. Berger


Automatic Curation of Mouse Whisker Contacts using Convolutional Neural Networks

Jonathan Sy, Garrett Flynn, Samuel Andrew Hires





IML 385 Final Project



Just Thinking Out Loud