A NEurocausal connecting Principle (2018)

Seamless social networking

By integrating a neural implant into our clients’ brains, we are able to use Synchronicity to bring people together for mutually beneficial interactions. To do so, Synchronicity briefly stimulates the brain after determining a potential interaction—thereby nudging our clients toward favorable outcomes.

Since the effects of Synchronicity feel similar to normal compulsions—whether the urge to eat, interject while in conversation, or walk over to your favorite cafe—there is still the option to disregard Synchronicity’s signals. Thus, we have designed our technology to guide its users towards their match without impinging upon their individual agency.

Though invasive, Synchronicity is a seamless way to connect those who need each other most.



Overall, Synchronicity attempts to actualize a multitude of synchronistic and serendipitous encounters throughout the day. However, as a decentralized system, Synchronicity is not optimizing for a single, pre-defined goal; instead, it finds the most optimal set of interactions for each agent individually.

This is measured based on each user’s response to a daily survey. By extracting explicit goals from our clients—as well as general mood and personality characteristics—Synchronicity is able to define and satisfy their personal parameters of success.

In this way, it must be emphasized that there is no overriding control of the system. There is only the system itself, and the interactions it chooses to actualize.